HELP! I Can’t Pay My School Fees! What Does the Law Say?

School fees are in important consideration for both parents and schools.  Schools rely on fees to fulfill their budget requirements (AKA pay teachers etc).  Parents are not all equally able to meet the school fees set.  What can schools do about non-payment? What can parents do if they are really not able to afford to pay? Read more

Teacher Troubles – Survival Strategies

With the very many subject teachers involved in teaching the high school curriculum, it is likely that all students will face teacher troubles at some time.  Our first blog  gave practical steps to help you identify and resolve teacher troubles.  However this process may take some time during which your marks may well start to suffer.   Whilst you are trying to figure things out with your teacher, you will still need to pass your class.  At no point is it OK to point at a terrible mark and blame your teacher.  Your marks are YOUR responsibility.   So here are some bad teacher survival ideas: Read more