April News

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Brain Health – Back to Basics

Feeling tired?  Having trouble concentrating?  Memory seems to have holes in it?  Can’t think of the answer to things you thought you knew?  May be it’s time for a brain health check!

Our brains are truly amazing thinking organs, able to adapt and grow, process multiple pieces of information at any one time.  Over 100 billion neurons act as virtually instant message carriers, if you piled up that many pieces of paper, the pile would be over 8000 kilometers high!  To keep your brain working in optimal condition, it requires looking after.  Here are some back to basics – brain health tips. Read more

Memory Works – Part 2

Our previous blog explained how working memory enables us to process information moment by moment.  This blog will go deeper into the filing drawers of long term memory.

Long term memory is where permanent memories are stored.  These memories can last a lifetime.  Nothing gets into long term memory without first passing through our senses into working memory.   When it comes to recalling information for an exam, this is the part of your brain that you really want to be supercharged.  So how do you get things into long term memory?

Here are some hints for laying down long term memories: Read more