SAILI is proud to announce a 100% MATRIC PASS RATE for the CLASS of 2022!

But wait; that’s not all…

90% achieved Bachelor Passes!

And among them

Vibreezia and Nuha both achieved FULL DISTINCTION (80% or more) – yes, that’s a full deck of 7 subjects

Hot on their heels was Zikhona who achieved SIX DISTINCTIONS.

Of all passes, 45% achieved three or more distinctions (80% and up).

 Of the 22 SAILI students who wrote matric

  • 20 achieved Bachelor Passes
  • 2 achieved Diploma Passes
  • 2 achieved full distinction (80% and above in all 7 subjects)
  • 1 achieved 6 distinctions
  • 1 achieved 5 distinctions
  • 6 achieved 3 or 4 distinctions

Our profound gratitude goes to all our partners for your generosity, past, present and future.  A special thanks goes to the funders of the Class of ’21:

To put the achievement of these 22 incredible students in context, they began grade 11 in 2020, 2 months before COVID was announced and lockdowns kicked in.  Grade 11 is a pivotal year in terms of introducing the matric curriculum.  They had to pivot to self-study in a heartbeat, have had losses and traumas along the way and yet, THEY ALL FLEW!

To each SAILI student from the CLASS OF ’21, we say


Come back real soon to see some happy pictures and the stories of some of the SAILI 21’ers!

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