Memory Works – Part 1

Our memories and more particularly our memory failures get the blame for a lot of our learning problems.  So what is memory, where is it, what is it doing and how do you get it to work better?  Memory Works – Part 1 deals mainly with short term or working memory.  Part 2 will deal with long term memory.

Memory is a function of an incredibly amazing thing called your brain.  Whilst it’s true that some rare people get an extra dose of memory ability, mostly, if your memory isn’t working it’s because you haven’t read the instruction book.  The first thing to understand about your brain is that it is a muscle.  Just like the muscles in your arms, the more you work it, the stronger and more noticeable they get.  Inside your brain there are networks of neurons that grow in density, the more you use them.  That doesn’t mean your brain gets bigger, but it does get heavier.  The more neurons you grow, the faster you go.

Scientists think there are three types of memory: Read more