So, You Want a Career in Defence? Part 2

To read Part 1 of this blog, describing minimum entry requirements, go here.

Airforce:  The Airforce offers opportunities for a broad range of young people from those who will complete apprenticeships in things like welding and electronics, through to those who will become Pilots and Officers.  To apply, you should look for advertisements in the newspaper or go to the SAAF website  in January – March after you have completed Matric.  Like our other defence units, you join as a volunteer for two years training with the Military Skills Development Unit beginning with 6 months of basic training.  Each mustering in the SAAF, also known as occupational class in the public service and trade in the technical environment of civil aviation, has requirements for specific education qualifications, additional personal attributes and a willingness to serve under the working conditions of that particular mustering.    Read more