Fee exemption calculator

The Fee exemption/ subsidy calculator makes reference to the Department of Education’s Regulations for Exemption (2006).  The calculator gives an INDICATION of whether you might be eligible for fee assistance, according to this policy.  The policy is enacted by your school governing body and they will require you to substantiate your situation.  The policy exists for families who are in real and dire financial need so that no child looses access to schooling due to inability to pay fees.

You should not apply for fee assistance if you are able to pay your fees, even if the calculator says you may be eligible.  Also, be aware that if you are granted fee exemption/ subsidy, this creates a financial burden upon the school to meet the costs of your child.  The government does not cover your child’s fees for you.

To use the calculator:  Fee exemption/ subsidy is calculated for each individual child.  If you have more than one child at a government school you will need to calculate for each child base on that child’s annual school fees.


Include BOTH parents even if you are not living together and regardless of any court orders or maintenance orders.