September News

To find out what’s been happening at SAILI this past term, read our September News!

September News

September News, click for link! – SAILI signs scholarship contracts with 28 new students and just as our recruitment finishes, we being a new cycle looking for 2017 Gr 8s!  Also see what our Grade 8s got up to at their recent outing and find out about school fees, the law and you.

Understanding school performance: High School selection

School selection can be a nightmare for even the most informed parents. In this post we try to help share some of the ways in which SAILI chooses scholarship high schools.

The driving force behind SAILI’s success is getting the best “bang for buck” we can from the schools on offer. To make sure we give our funders the best “return on their investment” we scout for strong candidates and place them in the strong schools.

How we scout for candidates is a topic for another day but, how we identify strong schools is the topic of this post. Read more