Sponsor a Child

Number of SAILI learners sponsored in 2022 - currently 59 out of 107 scholars (55%)

Are you looking for a great value sponsor a child program? SAILI students are selected for their proven academic ability.  For approximately R25 000 per year, we can give these talented young people access to education that their family would not otherwise be able to afford. They will be able to go on to university education and a career that will help break the cycle of poverty for their families.  To see more information about what a SAILI scholarship covers, click here.

To sponsor a child, click on the “donate” button which will take you to a secure payment page on the GivenGain website or make direct payment to our account.  Please provide your contact details for an 18A tax certificate and periodic newsletters.  If you would like to have contact with your student we can tailor a package for you.  This will enable you to select from contact and feeback options that suit you. One-off donations of any amount are also welcome (and tax deductible) .

Sponsor a Future Civil Engineer

Cole Christians: Future Civil Engineer

Cole Christians is in Gr 8 at Norman Henshilwood High School. He lives with his mom, grandmother and younger brother in Athlone, Cape Town. He would love to design and build bridges, buildings and roads and become a chief engineer. Once he has settled in his career though he wants to make movies. His mom says that he thinks he is Steven Spielberg and writes movie scripts every day.

Cole is a confident, outspoken, young boy who is good at making other people feel at ease. When he applied for this scholarship he told his mom: “Mom you are always doing things for me, now I am going to do something for you. I am going to win this!”

Sponsor a Future Chartered Accountant

Shaye Pfeiffer: Future Chartered Accountant

Shaye Pfeiffer lives with her family in Wetton and she is in Gr 8 at Norman Henshilwood High School. She loves numbers and would like a career as a chartered accountant.

Shaye has enjoyed starting high school because she loves to make new friends and enjoys challenging classroom discussions. She also has access to sports at her new school and particularly enjoys netball.

Shaye is very proud to have this scholarship because it will help her family financially and also gives her access to a good education.

Sponsor a Future Doctor

Michaela Pieterse: Future Doctor

Michaela Pieterse is in Gr 8 at Norman Henshilwood High School. She lives with her mom and brother in Lotus River, Cape Town.

Michaela describes herself as an easy going person, very friendly and loving.

Michaela would like to study medicine and become a obstetrician. She says “Many people living in rural areas do not have clinics or hospitals near them. If a woman is pregnant and has trouble she and her child will be at risk. I would like to start a hospital and become an obstetrician to help them.”

Sponsor a Future Scientific Inventor

Ozious Sithole: Future Scientific Inventor

Ozious Sithole is a refugee from Zimbabwe. He now lives in Kensington, Cape Town, with his mother and brothers. It is only his mother looking after the family and this past year she has been unemployed. It has been very hard on the family. Ozious says “It’s a special grace that I won the scholarship and it means that I am going forward with my education. It gives me hope for a bright future.”

Ozious is in Gr 8 at Claremont High School. Science is a favorite subject for Ozious who also likes creating things. Recently he made a CD rack from recycled paper and cardboard. Ozious hopes to study science at university and go on to invent more useful things!

Sponsor a Future Pilot

Malcolm Moyo: Future Pilot

Malcolm is a refugee from Zimbabwe. He has lived in Wynberg, Cape Town with his grandparents, since he was in Gr 4. He is now in Gr 8 at Claremont High School.

Malcolm likes to play soccer and chess and describes himself as affable and fun loving. He spends a lot of time drawing. It is just one of those things that happens when he isn’t really paying attention!

Malcolm has wanted to be a pilot ever since he met one and shook his hand, at age 4. With his love of design and flying may be aeronautical engineering could be in his future? His grandfather says that with a SAILI scholarship, the sky’s the limit!