Cape Town Primary Schools – Low cost, High impact

SAILI has earned a reputation for identifying high schools that are low on cost but don’t compromise academics.  In 2014 we produced an interactive graphic to show the best performing schools in each price band.  That graphic is based on 2013 Matric data.  It is available here.  We have been asked to provide a similar info-graphic for Cape Town primary schools.

Unfortunately the Western Cape Education Department do not release any helpful data for building a full picture.  We can however show where we have successfully recruited for our scholarship over the past two years.  At least 2 students were successful at our round 1 maths test from the schools shown in this graphic.  Some schools have produced notably strong applicants over both years.  Sid G Rule clearly stands out.  This tells us about quality and consistency within that school system.

Please note, SAILI does not test learners in every primary school.  We deliberately look for low cost Cape Town primary schools that have shown positive signs of performance. If you don’t see “your” school here, it doesn’t mean your school is bad.  We may well not have had any applications from there.  All this graphic does show are the schools we know of that are producing academically strong learners at a competitive fee price.

We intend to assist parents in making a choice for their nearest high quality, low cost primary school.  School choice is much more complex than just cost and academics.  Families are able to obtain other important information on their own.  They can visit the primary school.  They can also ask current school families about the school.

To Use the Infographic:

To use the infographic, just hover your mouse over a school on the map.  You will see the school name, fees (if available) and number of students who were successful in the SAILI round 1 maths entrance test.

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