TVET Colleges

TVET  Colleges (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) are public tertiary institutes offering a wide range of practical training options for people with or without matric.  Funding is available for TVET courses through the government NSFAS scheme.  Courses  are practical and relevant to the community making participants highly employable. 


  • There is government funding available for TVET courses through NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) bursary and loans.
  • TVET colleges will help you with your application for funding, providing you with a computer, internet access, scanner and copier and assistance if required.
  • Funding can assist with the cost of course fees, transport, stationery, text books and some living expenses.  You will be funded for the following year as long as you pass 50% of your subjects.

Useful Skills

  • TVET Colleges are community based. They do research into what skills are needed in your community and they offer training in these skills.  This means that there are jobs available for people who study at TVET College.  Often these skills are called “scarce skills”.
  • TVET courses are practical. Whilst you do spend some time in the classroom learning, much of the learning takes place in a real work place.  You already have work place experience when you finish your course so you are more employable than someone who only has classroom based learning.

Options Without Matric

  • TVET colleges have options for study for people who have completed Grade 9 and there is no restriction on age.  You can get your matric certificate at college.  It is a practical career focused matric called the National Vocational Certificate.  There are also other certificates you can study for without matric.
  • There are certificate and diploma courses available at college for people who have completed matric (NQF levels 4,5,6).
  • TVET courses are accredited.  This means that they are widely recognized in terms of employment and further study.  Private colleges often offer non-accredited courses.  They are expensive and do not open doors to further study.

How to Apply

  • Find your nearest college.
  • Phone the college and ask to make an appointment with a Careers Advisor. The appointment is free.  The careers advisor will do a careers test with you to help you find the right study area.  You will also write a language and maths test.  The career advisor will then help you choose the right course for you.
  • You will complete an application either at the college or online and you will also complete an application to NSFAS.  Look here for how to apply to NSFAS.
  • NSFAS applications close at the end of November.



6 replies
  1. Yelo Nolizwi
    Yelo Nolizwi says:

    Hi. I failed my matric last year (2017) and I want to study teaching and finish my matric. Is it possible for me be taken at TVET College. Am from Eastern Cape but no I am in Cape town, Delft. Am 20 years. I really need to further my studies this year l.

    • Kath Morse
      Kath Morse says:

      Hi, It will take you three years to get a matric through TVET. As you passed Grade 11 already, you may be better off to either go back to school or to find an adult matric centre and just re-do your Grade 12. To find out about matric at TVET, go to Northlink or Cape College. To find an adult rewrite, go to your nearest library or community centre and ask. To go back to school, take your Grade 11 report and your transfer papers from your high school and register for school for 2019. All the best, Kath

  2. Nazeema Petersen
    Nazeema Petersen says:

    Good evening
    I’m Naz, I was at a TVET college from 2014-2016. I studied tourism and received awards first and second year for top achiever . Unfortunately due to some unforseen circumstances I failed one main subject by 6%. Leaving me without a qualification . I however don’t have any financial income. I’ve had part time jobs here and there but nothing stable with my qualifications. I’m so desperate for another opportunity to prove myself.

    Thank You

    • Kath Morse
      Kath Morse says:

      Hi Nazeema, Did you have NSFAS funding? If so, you should be able to apply to NSFAS to do that subject again as long as your average marks were over 50%. Kath

  3. ntombekhaya
    ntombekhaya says:

    Hi i have ABET LEVEL4 certificate and i would like to study further but don’t know what to do please help I’m in johhansburg.

    • Kath Morse
      Kath Morse says:

      Hi, ABET 4 is equivalent to NQF1 (grade 9). So you can study NQF2. Sometimes this is written as N2. Your options are to do a vocational matric (N2-4). This will give you a matric certificate with career oriented subjects. You have to check with your nearest TVET college to see what they offer. You can also do an N2 certificate in a trade. If you make an appointment with a career guidance counsellor at the college they will assess you for your study interests and abilities and give you some options. The appointment is free. You can also do an online quiz to help you work out which area to look at: All the best, Kath


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