Education Myths in the New South Africa

The “new” South Africa has brought with it a wide open door to education dreams and aspirations that were not part of the “old” South Africa.  Government spending on education is comparable to our international counterparts at approximately R14 000 per child per year with a little more in the very poorest areas.  However there are lots of problems with how this open door works.  Here are some of our education myths – Read more

Choosing a High School in the Western Cape

Choosing the right high school can make the difference between a happy and successful academic future for your child and years of declining marks followed by poor career prospects.  There are two main things to consider when choosing a high school:

1. Is this school a good fit for my child’s personality, interests, abilities? (Happiness factor)

2. Is this school the best that I can afford in my area? (Academic success factor) Read more

So, You Want to be an Accountant?

Are you considering a career as an accountant?  Accountants communicate financial information about a business to users.  To do this they need to analyse what has happened and present it in an appropriate manner.

If you love numbers, problem analysis and solution and you are comfortable around people and around computers, you might consider accounting.  Accountants assist firms to manage their finances so that they meet legal requirements and enable good financial planning and management.  They must be good communicators with sound judgement and high levels of integrity.

To be considered for more advanced tertiary courses in accounting you must have maths.  There are also some options if you have Maths Lit at University of Johannesburg (BCom extended year program) or National Diplomas at TVET Colleges or a University of Technology.   You do not need to have studied accounting at high school to study at a tertiary institute however some institutes allow you to use your accounting mark in place of your maths mark which can help if you haven’t done so well in maths. Read more

Understanding school performance: High School selection

School selection can be a nightmare for even the most informed parents. In this post we try to help share some of the ways in which SAILI chooses scholarship high schools.

The driving force behind SAILI’s success is getting the best “bang for buck” we can from the schools on offer. To make sure we give our funders the best “return on their investment” we scout for strong candidates and place them in the strong schools.

How we scout for candidates is a topic for another day but, how we identify strong schools is the topic of this post. Read more

So, You Want to be an Engineer?

Engineers are problem solvers. To solve problems, they use scientific and mathematical principles as tools.

To be an engineer, you must have a strong aptitude for problem solving, mathematics, chemistry and physics, physics is probably the most important tool. You must be interested in applying these scientific principles to the real world.  If you are interested in building, understanding, and making things better and more efficient, engineering may be right for you. Read more