SAILI Scholarships for 2018 & 2019 are CLOSED!

SAILI provides maths and science scholarships to talented learners, supporting their high school education in academically successful schools.

SAILI is open for applications in September each year.    Only Grade 6 learners may apply.  SAILI is now closed for scholarship applications.

Eligible Families

Families must have income under R10 000 / month BEFORE deductions to be eligible.  We do not consider debt or number of dependents in this initial application.  We do not ever take families with income over R10 000.  Proof of income is not required at the initial stage however it is required later.  Income from both biological parents is considered unless a parent is unknown or deceased.  Divorced parents must both provide proof of income.  Any other adults contributing to household expenses must also provide proof of income.

Learners must have a code 6 or 7 for their English (Home Language or First Additional) and Maths.  The Term 2, Grade 6 report and learner’s birth certificate should accompany the Initial Application.  Application forms are available here.   Application forms can also be requested from Kath Morse:

Families must live in Cape Town and be living within a reasonable distance of our selected schools.  These include: The Settlers, Milnerton, Claremont, Livingstone, South Peninsula, Pinelands, Bergvliet, Norman Henshilwood, Rylands and Mondale.  From time to time we adjust the list according to the performance of the schools and the location of our learners.

SAILI does support refugees, foreign nationals and White South Africans however the majority of our recipients are from South African previously disadvantage backgrounds.

What Our Scholarships Offer

A SAILI scholarship covers full school fees at low fee schools and a contribution of R6000 towards school fees at moderate fee school.  All start of year text books and stationery are covered.  SAILI makes a contribution to school uniform of R1300 for Grade 8 and R1000 for subsequent grades.  We offer quarterly educational outings or workshops and educational support.  Transport, boarding, school outings and extra-mural expenses are not covered.

Selection Process

Our selection process involves a maths test based on Grade 6 maths content.  This test is written at the end of Grade 6.  Learners must score at least 80% to proceed to the next round of testing.   The second test is written early in Grade 7.  It is a more general test including opportunities for applicants to tell us about themselves and their families.

Families are required to provide proof of income at this time.

SAILI awards up to 30 scholarships per year.  If a learner is offered a scholarship they still must gain a place at a SAILI high school by completing that school’s application process.  SAILI signs a contractual agreement with the family once there is a firm offer of a high school place.

SAILI scholarships are generally provided for the five years of high school.  Learners must maintain academic standards or they may lose their scholarship.

More Information

Our website has more information on our scholarship.  You can also watch our film.




6 replies
  1. michelle
    michelle says:

    To understand correctly im needing to sent application to the school and to saili for approval ?
    Ans my child must be in grade 6 before applying
    As shes grade 5 now

    • Kath Morse
      Kath Morse says:

      Hi, You only send your application form to SAILI and you do it when your child is in Grade 6. So, this time next year 🙂 Kath

    • Kath Morse
      Kath Morse says:

      Hi Grace, this is a high school scholarship. We select learners who are in Grade 6 and make sure they go to good high schools. Kath

  2. Mamosa Nkhuoa
    Mamosa Nkhuoa says:

    Greetings, I’m Mamosa Nkhuoa in Maitland junior high school. I’m doing Grade 8, I would like to be a Claremont high learner on 2019.I want to change because I want to do drama.I’m Maitland there is no drama programs.thank u.


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