SAILI Scholarships for 2017 & 2018 are now CLOSED

What can I do if I missed the scholarships deadline?
SAILI only receives scholarship applications during September of the year your child is in Grade 6.  We don’t ever make any exceptions.  If you missed our applications process you can try one of the other scholarship organsiations in Cape Town.  There are no scholarship organisations that take applications for high school scholarships after April of the year your child is in Grade 7.  This is because most high schools have closed for applications by then. Read more

Choosing a High School in the Western Cape

Choosing the right high school can make the difference between a happy and successful academic future for your child and years of declining marks followed by poor career prospects.  There are two main things to consider when choosing a high school:

1. Is this school a good fit for my child’s personality, interests, abilities? (Happiness factor)

2. Is this school the best that I can afford in my area? (Academic success factor) Read more

Funding Your Study Through Tertiary Bursary Programs- South Africa

A tertiary bursary is awarded for study after high school at TVET colleges, Universities of Technology and Universities.  There are several different types of bursaries awarded for selected reasons.  These reasons may include academic excellence, special talent, categories of people – racial, religious categories, gender or disabilities and financial need.  It is important to read carefully the type of person the bursar is looking for.

Bursaries are provided by charitable organisations, wealthy individuals and companies.  Companies such as Nedbank provide bursaries because they want to see more young people graduate into their sector.  These organisations are spending their own money so they get to choose the type of person or study field that they want to spend it on.   Read more

Building a Career if you Failed School

When you look at the kids sitting in a Matric class, the class does not look half empty. But the numbers show that of the class that started school 12 years ago, only half are currently sitting in a Matric class. Half will have failed school and dropped out of the system before they get to the end of Grade 12.

How many of the kids that started school 12 years ago, will have a degree three years after they complete Matric? The most recent research shows that it is 9,9%. Read more

SAILI Scholarship Results High School 2018

SAILI Scholarship Results for 2018 are now available.   Results can be viewed here.      Once again we had an astonishing number of top performers.  We are restricted mainly in our selection by lack of funds, not be lack of hard working, high performing young people.  Well done to all the learners who participated in our testing and a big thank you to the families who support you and cheer you on.  Congratulations to Westville and Talfalah Primary Schools who were outstanding performers in this scholarship recruitment.

Here are some of the things written by young people in their entrance test:

“I am a very hardworking person, once I begin something I end it and I don’t listen to the bad things people say about me”.  (Aafia, Talfalah Primary)

“I have a personal strength that helps me in life – my parents.  They always encourage me to strive to be the best.”  (Athraa, Muhammadeyah Primary)

“It doesn’t mean living in Seawinds every boy is a gangster and everyone does drugs or kills people.  There are lots of people who aren’t like that and I’m proud to say I’m one of them.”  (Caitlyn, Square Hill Primary).

“My family constantly push me to strive and be the best that I can be.  The fact that they push me allows me to in the right direction.”  (Jade, Westville Primary)

“My father died when I was seven years old.  I love my family very much and I love myself as well.  I have learned in my life that it doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s about where you are going.”  (Kelly, Westville Primary

“My hope for the future is to become a chemical engineer.  I want to earn a lot of money so I can support my whole family.  I want to make a name for myself.” (Mihirkumar, Rylands Primary)

“All my friends are talking about these cool high schools and then I have nothing to talk about.” (M. Qaasim, Strandfontein Primary)

“I think my future will be great.  If I learn and study every day of my life, I think I will have a good future…. I wish I could play cricket for South Africa!” (Zubair, West End Primary)


Tertiary Acceptance – How good do my marks need to be?

We all know that nail biting time.  You have applied to a university or university of technology.  You know that they have your application but you don’t know if they will accept you.   What are your chances?  Unlike playing the Lottery, acceptance to university isn’t just good luck.  Universities have particular things they are looking for.  These include the subjects you have taken, the marks you have for those subjects and your overall average.   This blog takes some of the mystery out of tertiary acceptance.   Read more