Should I Change to Maths Literacy? Making the Big Decision.

Maths Literacy or Maths? How do I decide?  If you are thinking about this, you are probably in Grade 10 or 11 and maths is not working out for you.  This doesn’t mean you haven’t worked hard.  There are all sorts of reasons why we struggle to make friends with maths.   Here are some questions to help you make the decision.  (If you are in Grade 12, it is too late to change subjects – sorry).

What do you want to do when you finish school?

Many tertiary courses require you to have maths rather than maths literacy.  If you are interested in health, finance, science or engineering then you most likely will need maths.   To find out if you are going to need maths, look up your dream career on GoStudy.  Required subjects are listed under information about the career.    However, there are 100s of other courses you can study that do not require maths.  You can study a tertiary course with maths literacy as long as you meet other entry requirements.  To find out about alternatives that do not require maths, look here.

How good is good enough?

The maths pass mark for matric is 30%.  That can make if feel OK if you are passing at 30 or 40%.  The reality is that this sort of maths pass is not enough.  Most tertiary courses at universities and universities of technology (teknikons) require maths or maths literacy over 50%.  Did you notice the “or”?  Even though maths literacy is easier than maths, many courses will take either, as long as you have 50%.  Under 50% is not good enough.  You can still apply for courses at TVET Colleges with maths literacy under 50%.  Read this to find out more about TVET College.

Can Maths Literacy help you get a Bachelor Pass?

A Bachelor pass is the best pass level at matric.  It is the minimum requirement for going on to study a Bachelor degree.  A Bachelor pass is 4 subjects over 50%, not including Life Orientation, Dance, CAT or Hospitality (and some other non-designated subjects).  Also you must have your Home Language above 40% and no subjects under 30%.  If you are not headed for a Bachelor Pass and your maths is under 50%, you might consider changing to maths literacy.  Most learners who change to maths literacy get big improvements in their marks.  This gives you a better chance at a Bachelor Pass.

Changing to maths literacy is a big choice.  It does close  the door for some career options.  However, it may open other doors of opportunity in making sure you get a Bachelor Pass.  If you want help in making this decision please comment on this blog post or email me your recent results at

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