High School Scholarships 2019, Shortlist!

Congratulations to all 52 learners who made it through to SAILI’s final round of testing.  You are all winners and we wish we could award scholarships to everyone.  If you haven’t made our shortlist, remember to keep working hard, be curious and never give up.

What do the shortlist statuses mean?

“Decision Pending”:  We like your application and we are waiting to hear from our funders as to whether there is finance for you.  We will update your status by Monday 19th Feb.

“Decision Pending – financial information incomplete”:  We like your application but you didn’t complete your financial information.  Please check your email/ SMS messages to see which additional information is required.

“Successful”: – Congratulations, you have the scholarship!  A letter of support will be emailed to you.  Please include this letter with your high school applications.  To find out more about our scholarship deal, read here. 


Name Surname School  Status
Anshaar Daniels Silverlea Decision Pending
Aqeelah De Leeuw Liesbeeck Successful
Azrah Meyer Jamaica Way Decision Pending
Caleb Brooks Kenmere Successful
Clemence Mujinga Mountain Rd Successful
Eldrich Seymour Palm Palk Decision Pending – financial information incomplete
Ethan Hill Prince George Decision Pending – financial information incomplete
Gerard Umegbolu St Augustine Successful
Ghaleel Phillips Parkhurst Decision Pending
Hope Sheldon Zwaanswyk Academy Successful
Jaydon Dreyer York Rd Decision Pending
Kelsey Van Neel Floreat Successful
Makeya Hendricks Rondebosch East Successful
Maya Morkel Sid G Rule Successful
Mickyle Cupido Alicedale Decision Pending
Miheer Faki Turfhall Successful
Mishaad Ross Fairview Decision Pending
Moegamat-Redaah Menton Arcadia Decision Pending
Mogamad Zaakir Cloete Sid G Rule Decision Pending
Mogamat Lut Ryland Searidge Park Successful
Naadir Mahomed Sunlands Decision Pending
Nisha Meyer Sid G Rule Successful
Nohah Gierdien Kenmere Decision Pending
Nuriya Ahmed Rylands Decision Pending
Tasneem Fredericks Square Hill Decision Pending
Tatum Jacobs Prince George Decision Pending – financial information incomplete
Unathi Kaleni Imperial Decision Pending
Usenathi Mamoza Imperial Decision Pending

If you didn’t make the SAILI shortlist, please contact Ed Chantler at Leisure Education Trust.  LET write the first round one test as SAILI so you will be eligible to go through to their round two testing.

SAILI Scholarships for 2018 & 2019 are CLOSED!

SAILI provides maths and science scholarships to talented learners, supporting their high school education in academically successful schools.

SAILI is open for applications in September each year.    Only Grade 6 learners may apply.  SAILI is now closed for scholarship applications.

Eligible Families

Families must have income under R10 000 / month BEFORE deductions to be eligible.  We do not consider debt or number of dependents in this initial application.  We do not ever take families with income over R10 000.  Proof of income is not required at the initial stage however it is required later.  Income from both biological parents is considered unless a parent is unknown or deceased.  Divorced parents must both provide proof of income.  Any other adults contributing to household expenses must also provide proof of income.

Learners must have a code 6 or 7 for their English (Home Language or First Additional) and Maths.  The Term 2, Grade 6 report and learner’s birth certificate should accompany the Initial Application.  Application forms are available here.   Application forms can also be requested from Kath Morse: applysaili@gmail.com Read more

May 2016 News

SAILI May news: SAILI is branching out with staff sharing expertise to build better high schools and better NGO youth programs. Meanwhile our scholarship students have been busy exploring the world of work and getting ready to make big career decisions. Find out what we’ve all been up to this term! http://eepurl.com/b15Dhr

SAILI Scholarship Results – High School 2017

The following list of students are offered SAILI Scholarships for high school 2017.  Congratulations to these hard working young people and their parents and schools.  We are glad to be able to partner with you!

Sadly, we have so many more wonderful young people than we have available funding.   If your name is not on the shortlist, then your application is declined and we will e-mail you shortly with further information.

Shortlisted: Read more